Happy world earth day 2020


Fifty years ago today, the first Earth Day was marked in the United States as a peaceful call for environmental reform, and currently, 193 countries have been celebrated every year. The theme of the day this year is ‘Climate Action’. Because climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity.


For Mongolia, the frequency and magnitude of natural hazards including harsh winter (zdud), drought, snow, dust storms, and flash floods are increasing, and thereby climate change has tremendous impacts on traditional livelihoods. Observed data at meteorological stations in Mongolia have shown that an annual mean air temperature increased by 2.24°C from 1940-2015. The Government of Mongolia has adopted national sectoral strategies and policies which address climate change adaptation and mitigation issues.

Also, here are some things to do on Earth Day:

  • Use recyclable cotton bags
  • Walk or ride a bike
  • Stop plastic straws
  • Bring your water bottles
  • Spread the world.