“National program for reducing forest shortage and its degradation” workshop was successfully organized

Mongolian Government have approved “National Program for reducing forest shortage and its degradation” on December 20, 2018 with the intention of increasing forest area to 9% by 2030.

Oyunsanaa. B, Head of Forest Policy Regulation Department of the Ministry of Nature and Tourism commented: “Global trend has been changing rapidly and by advancing forestation is not only a work of the any one sector but the whole community and people benefit from it equally. There is a need for multi-dimension researches to be done and in connection with this work, we have completed 2-year project to decrease greenhouse emissions due to forest shortage and its degradation.

This work became the grounding base for the national program for forestation and reducing its degradation. Thus, we are discussing this topic during today’s workshop.

The national program identified 10 factors that contribute for the forest shortage and its degradation. The first three main factors are forest fire, forest invasive pests, and illegal wood preparation. Therefore, our next activities aim at combating against such factors and it will be reflected within the national program accordingly.

Nowadays, individuals and entities realized the importance of planting trees and engaging greatly for tree planting activities. This creates the need for increasing the database of seeds and seedlings that suit to the respective local situations, and this will enable both citizens and companies for planting the right trees in more productive way. With regards the financing of forestation process, we plan to use the domestic resources and take part in international programs for reducing greenhouse emissions, implementing sustainable forest management in Mongolia and reporting our results to international bodies for further investments and international aids."

Forest issue doesn’t only belong to environmental sector but it is the matter of all Mongolian citizens for creating healthy and comfortable environment, and for this, we need multi-party engagement for successful forestation. The national program for forestation and reducing its degradation took all the above in consideration with great detail.

There were diverse participation from many sectors including government, non-government and citizens and all the parties exchanged valuable opinions on what activities to focus on, how to implement and what outcomes to expect. The workshop concluded on specifying the multi-party involvement is key for success.

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