Environment and Climate Fund and National Authority for Meteorological and Environment Monitoring jointly organized “Climate monitoring, its demand, international cooperation and opportunities” seminar on November 27, 2018 with support from the Strengthening National Authorities and Readiness Project funded by Climate Green Fund.

Presentations presented in the seminar:

  • “Climate monitoring, information services” by Ulambayar D, Head of National Network and Climate Services Department of NAMEM
  • “Environmental quality and information services” by Batbayar J, Head of Environment Analysis Department of NAMEM
  • “Groundwater monitoring and information services” by  Davaa G, Scientific specialist of IRIMHE
  • “Weather Forecast System and development trend” by Oyunjargal L, Head of Forecast Department of NAMEM
  • “Climate change state and future trend” by Gomboluudev P, Head of Climate Change and Research Research Department of IRIMHE
  • “International Cooperation and Opportunities” by Batjargal Z, Advisor to the Environment and Climate Fund.

The seminar concluded with questions and answers sessions where participants questions of interest to them and exchanged valuable information and opinions.

The seminar covered discussions within the climate and environmental issues such as Mongolian climate situations, environmental quality monitoring, weather forecasting system, future trends, challenges and current and future state of climate change.

Climate change is a global challenge and developing countries such as Mongolia are still facing problems to decrease climate change as well as to adapt to the current state. It was an effective seminar where participants discussed core issues openly leading to a great collaboration in the future.