The Government of Mongolia, with the financial support of the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency is co-jointly implementing “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION” project and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has been actively working to support the initiatives of introducing Environmental Management System (EMS) into business operations, and to support the development of private sector, which are environmentally friendly and economic to natural resources.

Within this frame, a national conference “GREEN SOLUTIONS TO BUSINESS OPERATIONS” was organized involving key stakeholders from government institutions, international organizations, and private sector. This is the third year the “Green Solutions to Business Operations” conference is being held and this year’s main topics were Mongolian Government policy to support green businesses, projects and programmes implemented to support green businesses, global trends and green business opportunities, and local business representatives presented their success stories and lessons learned for introducing and implementing EMS into their business operations. There were sub-panel discussions on “Leveraging Green Businesses” and participants exchanged valuable opinions, initiatives and information for future trends and implementation.

Source: Ministry of Environment and Tourism